Essential Oils

If you're interested in attending or hosting an essential oil class, head over to the CONTACT page

and let me know! 


After lots of research, meditation and self-inquiry, I have welcomed

Young Living Essential Oils into my life!


I use them for everything.... cooking, cleaning, and healing by weaving them into my yoga classes and Reiki sessions. 


I trust the integrity of Young Living because

of their Seed to Seal Promise and the fact that they own many of their own farms, they do not distrupt the plants normal growing cycles and they allow you to tour, stay and harvest 

plants for distillation.

No other essential oil company does this.

Young Living is transparent in their practices and because of this, I can rest assured that they have my best interests at heart.  


To learn more about Young Living oils, please contact me!

I love to share what I've learned and how essential oils have made a positive impact on my family.   

Earthsong Herbals

Slowly but surely I am beginning to answer the call of working with plant medicine.  I have dabbled off and on for many years, making salves for acne, rash and tattoos as well as syrups for wellness like Elderberry.


The 2017/2018 "flu season" has ripped through our community and left many families hyper aware of the importance of natural immunity through preventative health and wellness.  I have received many special requests for Elderberry Syrups, so much so that I have had to create a wait list as I make the syrup in small but potent batches.


I am honored and humbled that my community can put their trust in my medicine making. 

So, Elderberry Syrup it is!

If you are interested in reserving a bottle from the next batch,

please contact me and let me know!

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