Reiki Healing


1 hour Private session is $75.00


What is Reiki?


Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.  A Reiki session is a soft transfer of healing energy from me to you.  All beings can benefit from energy work. I see clients of all ages, from birth to senior, as well as animals. 


Reiki works with the body by tapping into the Chakras and clearing out the clutter, loosening blocks, and allowing the energy of your body to move unrestricted.  When your Chakras are blocked, you can feel disoriented, anxious, fatigued and maybe even experience physical pain and become ill.  


Some benefits of a Reiki session may include better sleep, anxiety relief, pain relief and an overall feeling of peacefulness. It is an ideal modality for those suffering from chronic pain and cancer patients.   


I have been trained and professionally attuned by a Reiki Master making it possible for me to be a facilitator of this healing Life Force Energy however, you as the receiver, are the actual healer.  


My sessions include a brief overview of Reiki Energy and what you can expect to feel during your session. I like to incorporate crystal gemstones to amplify the energy flow as your body absorbs it and aromatherapy to help you to relax. 


Some practitioners hover their hands over the body however, I was not trained this way, so I do not practice with this method.  My Reiki practice is "a laying of the hands" which means I will physically lay my hands upon your body during your session. 


Overall, a Reiki session is meant to be a relaxing and healing experience. Being able to offer this healing modality is part of my purpose and I am honored to hold space and facilitate for you.


Please feel free to CONTACT me with any questions you may have or to book a session. Looking forward!  


*If you have a true medical condition, energy work should not take the place of general/typical/emergency care. Reiki Healing compliments other wellness plans you have already adopted.*   

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